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Business improvement projects often need more bandwidth than your current full-time workforce can muster.  

You may want to simply build that workforce by hiring more staff, in which case we would be happy to introduce you to some of the excellent agencies with whom we work, but many businesses choose to outsource, for diverse reasons. Perhaps you don’t want to increase your long-term cost base, or find that the CapEx Vs OpEx distinction is easier when you outsource. Or, perhaps, you just can’t find the right talent, and so want to outsource to make it someone else’s problem. Dynamic Futures is happy to be that someone else, and we make it our business to cast our net as widely as possible, rather than fishing in the same talent-pool as everyone else.  In particular, we are open to engaging former PSC contractors whose business was hit by IR35, and Expats.

IR35 rules, and the potential for clients and agents to be given big tax and NI bills, has forced many to back away from their traditional reliance on PSCs. Old high street banks once had thousands of PSC contractors, and now have none. This is great news for Revolut, Monzo, and the other ‘challenger banks’ who suddenly have some of the most experienced contractors at their fingertips.  If you are a business that has been hit by IR35, Dynamic Futures may be a great option for you. Our lean structure and low overheads mean that our fees are closer to that of a PSC than one of the ‘Big 4’, but, unlike a PSC, we offer a host of benefits. Not only is our Statement of Work delivery model one that saves you from potential IR35 liabilities, but you are likely to get delivery by a team of happy, motivated & highly skilled professionals who, unlike the PSC  contractors of yesterday, are supported by a head office that looks after their CPD/training, and mentoring. Our business model also shields you from the co-employment liabilities that can occur with contractors engaged on an agency worker basis.


While we will look for a local hire as our first choice, when the skills needed are elusive, we can deploy global talent.  Sponsoring an expat often involves a 3+ month lead time, but, all too often, we have seen ‘I can not wait 90 days for delivery to start’ turn, after 3 months, into ‘I still cant resource this: If only I had given the expat team a green light, we would have started’

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