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DF FOR IR35 Solutions 


Statement of Work outsourcing can work with old fashioned Personal Service Company contractors. For a niche specialist billing thousands of pounds a day, the Personal Service Company may work well for all parties. However, below those stratospheric levels, and for projects of more than one consultant, Statement of Work projects work much better with DF. They are certainly easier for you to manage: relative to the PSC, DF offers:


  • One statement of work per workstream, not one for each of x hundred (or x thousand) Personal Service Companies.


  • Head office to ensure that there is an audit trail demonstrating delivery & updating paperwork as requirements evolve.


  • Network effects: Where DF handles a workstream, senior DF team members can manage the mid-level and more junior members, with none failing the ‘direction & control’ criteria. If using PSCs, only the most senior could be suitably autonomous.


  • DF was established in 2005 & has a long term focus (it is not one person’s vehicle of convenience that may disappear if it ceases to be convenient).

DF’s other IR35 resources & analysis: 


To discuss Statement of Work outsourcing, and ending IR35 worries, contact us on

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