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Everyone wants you to refer a friend.  The big 4 get about half their experienced hires from referrals, and at Dynamic Futures we want to do better than that. 


Our Ambassador Programme is a compelling referral and mentoring scheme, offering long term rewards to our staff and alumni network who help us hire and develop the talent that our consulting practice needs.

Advantages to the referred person:

  1. Guaranteed interview (no just putting details into a referral portal)

  2. Post-interview debrief (which we will also share with the referrer, subject to your approval).  We can’t hire everyone, but even if we don't hire you at this stage, we can give you feedback that should help you. 

  3. An answer to the ‘what would it take to get a job’? question.   Assuming that you like the DF ethos, and we get on, if we cant hire you at the moment, we will suggest ways you could help yourself.  This might be about some CPD, a course to add a new skill, or it could be about demonstrating your rainmaking ability (we particularly value anyone that combines technical skills with the ability to secure contracts with clients)

  4. On success, when you start with DF, you have an extra mentor who is invested in the success of your career with us.

Advantages to the referrer:

  1. Recognition and rewards for each successful hire

  2. Rewards last as long as the new hire stays with DF

  3. Opportunities to mentor, and gain the financial & emotional rewards by helping the new hire

  4. Accelerate your progression to management


If you don't have a friend that works for DF, and would like to talk to us, please get in touch.  We want to hear from great people, even if they don't yet have friends within DF.


To find out more information, please email us or use contact form below.

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