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Launchpad UK can bring you  

  • Quick UK Launch  

  • Your choice of team (visas for expats arranged if needed) 

  • Freedom to focus on your clients / offering


Don’t waste your first couple of quarters sorting out incorporation, bank accounts, payroll schemes, HR systems (and UK employment law compliance), appointing accountants, lawyers, visa specialists etc.  

Our Launchpad UK allows a 3 step strategy: 

  1. Launch: Focus on understanding your market, engaging customers, and getting your offering right for the UK/European market.    

  2. Build:  We help you build your own UK infrastructure & processes.

  3. Transfer:  The DF team, handling your launch, transfers to your UK entity, which now has the systems and processes to handle the staff in house.


Stage 3 may be 3-5 years away, or it could be 12-18 months.  The great thing is that with Launchpad UK, that is not a decision you need to make yet.  You can focus all your initial efforts on going to market, and deal with infrastructure and back office matters only when your UK business is big enough to make it a priority.   For some clients, Launchpad UK correlates to the phases when they use serviced offices or co-location spaces, with operations transferred in-house around the time they take on an office lease.  



Many of our existing clients came to us wanting an international team to set up a U.K. presence.  They tell us that Launchpad UK allowed them to go live quickly with minimal up front cost and focus on the desired outputs.  Please contact us on 020 7603 4589 or, for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.    

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