In my 20's I once fell off a ski lift and landed in a pile, with the chairs whizzing overhead.  A girl I didn't know (but told me her name was Sophie) stretched out her hand to help me.  She was only 5!

A local party shop found out my family and I have been recovering from Covid so they sent something to cheer us up.  Really worked.  

I once travelled 14 hours on a bus across India to surprise my friend on her birthday.  I was shattered but she was absolutely over the moon and it really cheered her up.  Made me completely forget my tiredness too.   

On my commute to work, when an older lady approached me at the underground station.  She asked for directions.  After checking the map together I suggested she travelled with me as we were going the same way.  She talked for ages about her life and I really listened.  She was so very grateful and happy when she said goodbye.  

I'm currently challenging myself to complete 3 months no drinking.On Valentine's Day I really wanted a glass of prosecco, especially when roses were delivered to my house! My lovely husband popped to the shops, bought some lemonade and poured it into a prosecco glass! We toasted our first Valentine's together as a married couple.  

On returning from India recently I surprised my best friend who is expecting a baby by maxing my luggage allowance with traditional baby essentials, medicine and decorations! She was so excited.   

A surprise to my children.  A valentine's afternoon tea!

My husband is my hero.  Just got in the car with the whole family when he spotted an elderly man on a mobility scooter.  His supermarket shopping bags full of food fell off the scooter without him noticing.  My husband scooped it all up and chased him in the car.  All shopping returned to owner and everyone feeling very happy.   

During the first pandemic when everyone was panicking about loo roll.  I happened to mention to a friend that I was more bothered about milk for my kids.  A couple of hours later there was a 4 pint of milk on my doorstep.  The best was delivered by a friend of the friend.   

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