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Covid made 2020 a bit of a nightmare for many people, but 2021 starts with some good news for UK business and any expats wanting to make their careers here.


Dynamic Futures is proud to employ a diverse team of the best people we can find, from wherever they can be found in the world.   For a few years, some of the world’s brightest and best were put off by headlines talking about ‘reducing net migration’.  But that is ancient history.  The UK now has a cross party consensus in favour of being a dynamic location, with a red carpet for talent from the rest of the world.


Some key bits of good news include:


  • A much faster process (down from typically c3 months to 3 weeks or faster)


  • Equal opportunities:  people from Australia, America, & India are on a level playing field with those from France or Germany


  • Abolition  of the hated ‘cooling off period’ (a particular problem for Tier2 ICT visa holders, who became indentured labour, unable to change employer)


If you are looking for a job in IT Consulting, in Management Consultancy, or Project Management, then, wherever you are from, consider contacting Dynamic Futures.  We are happy to hire expats, and, if they want to make the UK their long term home, to support them on their journey to settlement.


To find out more information, please email us or use contact form below.

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