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At Dynamic Futures, we want people with the technical skills to deliver projects on time and on budget.  But we also need Rainmakers: those rare diamonds that combine technical expertise with an ability to win new business.


Within Dynamic Futures, our bonus & staff rewards programme recognises contract wins just as much as contract delivery.


If you want a consulting career with Dynamic Futures, be sure to highlight your rainmaking skills on your CV and at interview.  Don’t be shy, tell us about your successes:

  • Instances where you have identified opportunities for your company to pursue

  • Pitches & RFxs you have worked on

  • Deals you have closed, or helped close

  • Opportunities you are aware of, and which you could turn into contracts for DF


Although we mostly look for rainmakers to join us full time, if you have a ‘day job’ you don't want to leave, and a contract that you think DF could deliver, then do get in touch.  Even if we start off as a second source of income for you, the engagement may evolve to become full time.


We are particularly keen to hear about


  • Opportunities with clients

  • Opportunities to hire amazing staff (especially those that are rainmakers themselves)


To find out more information, please email us or use contact form below.

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